CRETE trainers collaborate with the Network for Enhancing Teacher – Quality  Program in an effort to improve the quality of both prospective and new teachers and impact teacher preparation.

The CRETE training program significantly increases pre-service and in-service teachers’ confidence and ability to:

  • Manage conflicts between students
  • Manage conflicts between themselves and students
  • Manage conflicts with colleagues and peers
  • Manage conflicts with parents
  • Enact a variety of conflict skills, including collaborative problem-solving, negotiation, facilitation and mediation

Session 1 (2 Hours)

  • Connecting who you are with what you do
  • Communicating constructively throughout conflicts
  • Identifying conflict styles and their appropriate uses in the classroom

Session 2 (2 Hours)

  • Creating a positive classroom culture

Session 3 (2 Hours)

  • Bullying

Session 4 (2 Hours)

  • Conflict Resolution in the classroom

Mentor/Administrator Session 1
(2 Hours)

  • CRETE and Courage to Teach
  • Conflict analysis, communication and conflict styles
  • Creating a positive classroom/school culture

Mentor/Administrator Session 2
(2 hours)

  • Bullying – causes/prevention/responses
  • Restorative Justice
  • Sustaining the development of constructive conflict management in your classrooms and schools
  • Conflict management strategies and cooperative learning approaches

Summer Institute

  • 2-Hour Interactive Session

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