CRETE Curriculum

Over 1500 pre-service and in-service teachers have participated in CRETE training sessions. Critical concepts and skills covered in the training include:

  • Understanding Conflict – What Causes It, What To Do About It
  • Conflict Styles – How We Manage Conflict
  • Emotions and Conflict – Handling Anger and Understanding Triggers
  • De-escalating Angry Students
  • Positive Discipline and Dealing with Disruptive Students
  • Using Classroom meetings to Establish Classroom Management
  • Bullying Prevention – What Can Teachers Do?
  • Building Collaborative Negotiation Skills Among Your Students
  • Using Peer Mediation to Your Advantage
  • Dialogue and Diversity Conflict
  • Restorative Practices in Schools

CRETE Instructional Materials:

CRETE training participants receive valuable teaching resources. In addition to the CRETE training materials they also receive:

  • Searchable CDs with over 1200 pages of field-tested exercises and materials
  • CRE web site ( on which CRETE materials are made available to all interested parties at no charge.
  • CRETE Participant Guides for CRETE 4-Day Trainings

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